Hired Gun

Need someone to help kick-start your DH project? Don’t know how many programmers you might need, what tools to use, or how long everything will take? Want to hire digital humanities faculty but have no idea where to start?

Hire me as your Digital Humanities Consultant!

Hi. I’m Scott, an information science Ph.D. student with a background in history of science and computer engineering. I like traveling and new DH projects, and I’ll help you with the second if you help me with the first. I offer my digital humanities experience in exchange for travel, housing, and food, anywhere in the world. Especially nice places. If you hire me, it’ll help you with whatever DH goal you have in mind, and it’ll help me get more experience in the scholarly world.

My experience includes:

  • Evaluating DH research. I’ve peer-reviewed DH research and continuously review tools and methodologies on this blog.
  • Designing and implementing DH projects on the large and small scale. I’ve worked on or with a few Digging into Data grants and European Framework projects, designed tools and interfaces for DH, and consulted in the creation of DH Startup projects.
  • Planning scholarly software development. I’ve assisted in the development of scholarly software, including managing, setting goals for and organizing developers, programming, planning, and documentation.
  • Applying statistical/computational methodologies to humanities questions. My own research fuses data science and the humanities; I work with text mining, network analysis, and data visualization every day, and I also have experience with GIS and other types of analytics.
  • Organizing conferences and workshops.
  • Read my CV for more details.

Services I’m offering:

  • Designing DH curricula.
  • Assistance in evaluating and hiring new DH faculty.
  • Planning grant proposals, conferences, or workshops.
  • Collaborating on research design using statistical/computational methods.
  • Helping analyze textual, network, or other data.
  • Consulting on project creation and management.
  • Planning development of web interfaces or scholarly tools.
  • Other stuff you think I’d be helpful with!

What I want:
I’m still a student and I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, so I don’t plan on consulting on more than one project per semester. Consulting jobs should be about a week or two long at most, plus a day or two on either end so I can actually explore wherever you are. I’m not completely starving, but I am still a poor grad student, so if you want me wherever you are, you need to pay for my travel (nothing fancy needed), my housing (and honestly I prefer crashing on a couch or in a guest bedroom, if you’ve got either to spare), and my meals (I eat cheap). And having a steady supply of tea around will do wonders for my productivity. I suppose an additional stipend would be nice to help me be less starving when I’m not consulting, too, if you can manage it. Attribution for whatever assistance I offer on your website would be great, but isn’t essential.

Email me to schedule a phone call or skype chat! scbweing-indiana-edu

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